Treadmill Challenge 2016

Wow. Simply put, wow. It’s been over a week and all of the RCR crew are still in disbelief about the treadmill challenge. Last year a conversation on a morning run quickly took foot and we decided to fundraise in support of Hope Mission’s annual Kids in Action race. We quickly agreed that a treadmill challenge was our best hope of gathering the running community and getting shoes on the feet of the kids in the program. We brainstormed, debated, did calculations, set fundraising goals, did more calculations, and eventually put together the framework that became last year’s challenge. We challenged the community to sign up for spots and run beside us to reach both a monetary and distance goal on those two treadmills at lululemon athletica on Whyte avenue. Our initial goals were annihilated and we left that weekend quite pleased with ourselves.

This year something became quite clear.  This was no longer our event. This was an event that belonged to the Edmonton community. This was no longer about how fast we could go on the treadmill or whether we could convince anyone to run from 3-4am. This was suddenly the greatest, happiest, most joyful weekend of the year. A completely different feeling to running a race, this was a giant community hug. This was 24 hours of pure awesome. Of high fives, hugs, sweat, blood (actually), laughter, joy, sing-alongs, goofiness, cheer squads, and even more high fives. You grabbed every spot available before we had time to blink. We opened up more spots and you grabbed those too. We added a spin class to our class offerings and those spots disappeared. A number of people took the personal challenge of being around for the full 24 hours. Countless people stayed way beyond their allotted time slot just to be there with everyone.

So, thank you! Thank you for signing up. For showing up. For donating your time. For donating your money. For encouraging others to participate. For taking photos. For being goofy, and awesome, and you. Thank you to the Grizzled Cheeses, Nadim, Chris, Chloe, and Cathleen. Thank you Andrea Dunn. Thank you Dan Rietveld. Thank you Lewis Kelly. Thank you Lisa Volorney. Thank you Erika Furuness and team lululemon southgate.  Thank you Taylor Nystad. Thank you Chelsey Prestage. Thank you Manon Lepage and Ryan Luiderewis. Thank you Rebecca Small. Thank you Scott Winder. Thank you Nicole Sampson and team lululemon Kingsway.  Thank you Kerry Precht. Thank you Trent Schneider. Thank you Angel Brasok. Thank you Robyn Kerr. Thank you Greg Lalonde. Thank you Steven Csorba. Thank you Heather McIntyre. Thank you Nonnie Jackson. Thank you Brynn Friesen. Thank you Tanner Nault. Thank you Ryan Stiksma. Thank you Carling Stiksma. Thank you Chris Tse. Thank you Matt Shandro. Thank you Tom Scully. Thank you Jen Elliott. Thank you Dr. Ross.

Thank you to everyone that signed up for the spin class at YEG cycle and to Farha for being an amazing motivator and donating her time and space. Thank you to everyone who signed up for the yoga class and joined Andy from the Sattva School of Yoga with your practice. Thank you to everyone who signed up early Sunday morning HIIT with Chris and Erika from Blitz Conditioning. Thank you to the lululemon teams from Kingsway, Southgate, West Edmonton Mall and whyte avenue for taking shifts holding the keys to the store so we could be there all night long.  Thank you to our corporate sponsors Poppy Barley, Stonewire, and Flaman Fitness for being incredibly generous with your money. Thank you to Elm and Red Balloon Pie Company, Ribstone Creek, Amazon Springs, Skratch Hydration, Race Day Fuel, Bloom Cookies, Funky Fork, SPUD, and Starbucks 109 Street for donating food and drinks to everyone.

There are three people we would like to single out especially. DJ Tanner did an amazing job with the music throughout the day and anyone who has seen the pictures of the Kids in Action kids interacting with Tanner know how big of a heart that guy has. Trent Schneider did an absolutely amazing job with the video of the event. If you haven’t seen it yet we recommend you watch it at least ten times like the rest of us. Trent spent all 24 hours at lululemon, made an amazing video in less time than any of us imagined, and ran a leg on the treadmill. He absolutely nailed it, 100%.

Lastly, Jody Bailey. Jody is a magician. He’s honest, hard working, loving, and just as good with words as he is with a camera. Jody’s photography style was absolutely perfect for the event. He captured so many genuine interactions that were happening all day, highlighting every individual’s personality with each shot.

To give you something to be proud of, here are our final fundraising totals from the event. Our Karma classes collectively raised $2,045. We received $8,000 in corporate donations. In terms of teams, lululemon Southgate raised $1,530, the Stiksma family raised $1,485, and the Grizzled Cheeses raised $1,160. Our individual fundraising leaders were Taylor Nystad with $3,400 (!!!), Kerry Precht with $2,300, and Heather McIntyre with $695. In total, we raised $31,480 for the Kids in Action race and couldn’t be more proud.

Edmonton, you truly are amazing. We are overjoyed to be a part of this community, and to see all of your smiling faces out there on the trails.

Love from us all.

RCR Crew.