24 hour treadmill challenge 2015

What's Happening?

Last year, we set an audacious goal to raise $10,000 to provide new shoes for the Kids in Action program. We were blown away with the support we received and together we raised over $30,000! 

We're excited to do it again this February - and we're going BIG on this one! On February 13-14, 2016, River City Runners are holding our 2nd 24 hour treadmill challenge (we're going #allnightlong again!) to raise $30,000 for Hope Mission's Kids in Action Program. We're endeavouring to run 500 kilometers in 24 hours and need your support to #getthere. 

The $30,000 will provide running shoes and healthy meals and snacks for over 200 Edmonton kids as they train their little hearts out for the Kids in Action 5k race in the Spring!

How can you get involved? 

Come sweat with us! We've partnered with Blitz Conditioning, YEG Cycle and Sattva Yoga to offer three karma classes Min $15 donation per class. All funds raised will go to Kids in Action. Sign-up for one class or all three. Sweat it our and make our community a better place. 

Our Awesome Supporters!

For 2016, many of our incredible supporters are back and we're excited to welcome some new ones too!